The Lady Or The Tiger? My Ending

And at that moment, it was a bloody nightmare. The tiger clawed up the young handsome lover, clawed him up to pieces. Now, let’s not dive into the details, but it was a mess. That tiger ate well that day. And as for the princess, she had an evil smile. She sacrificed her lover, just so the lady on the other door could be sad about the death, and not get married. She was sad he died. But she had a plan. She fed herself to the tiger too. And right then and there the people were completely shocked. No one ever though that the tiger would have dessert. But that tiger ate her up like a strawberry shortcake. That tiger was stuffed. And the princess was dead.

No one knew what the heck they just saw. They might have even scrubbed their eyes out with toothbrushes but they were so confused and horrified. But they letter find out from the king that this princess sacrificed her lover and husband from the real world, to get married in the afterlife. Apparently, this princess believes in afterlife, and so did the lover. They were both dead. But at that point the lady in the other door had had enough.

That lady swung out of the door, pounced at the tiger, and was gobbled up. Well, not really, but the tiger  it off her arm. (SORRY about the intensity gory tiger scenes. Don’t read if your in like 1st grade please.) But anyway, the tiger was so full, that it didn’t even eat the lady! The lady had one arm, but was still alive. So she was taken to get medical help. Because this story is very old, their wasn’t modern medicine. So they just wrapped her up with some toilet paper and told her to get lost. But little did they know, she wanted that lover so badly that she bolted out of the medical center, and towards a huge hill in the distance. Sure, she was wearing high heels, but when it comes to love, she wasn’t messing around.

She got to the top of the hill, looked down ate the huge pointy rock at the bottom, and she was hesitating. But again, this was the person of her dreams, that young handsome lover of the princess. So yea. Do I really have to say it out for ya? She died. Right then and there. Impaled by and the rock, and dead from the impact. That’s what happened.

One thought on “The Lady Or The Tiger? My Ending

  • June 3, 2021 at 6:59 pm

    Bro this is so good. You have so much detail, and the plot twist about the lady fighting was crazy.


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