Window or Mirror

Window or mirror? What do you mean? Well, window or mirror is a metaphor for is your book relatable or not. Here’s my example of if the book I’m reading, Stink book 5, is a window or mirror.

Stink book 5 is a mirror for me because this is a kid who goes to school, (who I relate to because I go to school) and he has kind of an enemy at school or someone he does not like. That’s not exactly me but I do have people I don’t like at school. This kid also is really short and well, I think you know what I’m going to say next but here, I’ll just spit it out…         I’M SHORT TOO.

Finally, this kid has a cat and a sibling. He has a sister but I have a brother. So not exactly relatable but still. I also have a cat just like him.

To wrap this up, my book is a mirror for me. Hope you enjoyed!

My January Habit

My habit was very helpful! My habit for the month of January was to be able to run under a 7 minute mile. This goal was not completed but I definitely got faster. This month I’m going to change it up and switch over to pull ups but the running goal can still be done in other months too.

I saw from my January goal that I could get way faster and improve my mile time in just a week if I practice and motivate myself to get faster. My lowest time for the mile now is 7 minutes 49 seconds. Which I think is kind of slow but will do I guess. But what  matters is that I was progressing because when I started this goal my time was 8 minutes 30 seconds. I improved a whole minute! Basically.

The hardest part about my goal though was that I can run the first lap really fast but then my stamina basically runs out and then I get tired and run way slower. So, the improvement I need is to pace myself and not ring out all my energy in one lap. If I do that, I will probably soon achieve my goal!

What punctuation am I?

I am the ! As I am always loud and always standing out like an exclamation point. I usually am the loudest in the house, I’m super excited about everything, and I’m always standing out in the group I’m in whether it’s a school assigned group, friend group, and much more. Things I get excited about usually include basketball and  hanging out with my friends. And I get excited. I mean really excited. REALLY EXCITED. Oops, I meant to put a exclamation mark but I guess the exclamation point and me are just too similar. Too similar that  I put my own name where a exclamation point should go. Anyway, the way I stand out isn’t just being super mega sonically loud but also just laughing at everything and really just getting motivated to do something or getting others motivated for something they used to not be motivated for. 


Daily Habit

So, I would say I’m pretty fast. BUT NOT FAST ENOUGH FOR MY OWN SATISFACTION!!! You see, I want to be able to run a mile in under 7 minutes. To do this is quite simple. I live in a cul-de-sac which is about an 8 of a mile long. So I run that eight times to have run a full mile. Every day I try to increase my stamina and speed so that I can get to where I want to be. My last timed run for a mile was 8 minutes 3 seconds. ONLY ONE MINUTE TO GO AND I’LL BE GOOD TO GO!!!

And… let’s talk about my planking. So, at the start of our planking I was basically only able to get up to like a two minutes. And when Ms. Donnelly said to practice on the days we didn’t go to school, well, I didn’t. Until I realized I was making no progress with my planking. That’s when I decided to get planking every single day. And so slowly I kept getting higher times until I reached the peak of my time, which was 3 minutes. I can barely move after 3 minutes and I’m shaking a lot,  but that’s how my planking is going for ya. Hope you enjoyed!





What Interests Me



What interests me the most is basketball. Basketball is my favorite thing to do and it’s so much fun. It interests me the most because it involves exercise, teamwork, and even friends. I think you should like basketball too. Also, I’m interested into WATCHING basketball. It’s really fun to watch pro basketball players play hard for a win.

My Language Arts Comic – Antlers

This is my comic on the Greek wisdom tale; Antlers. I loved this story and the moral was a really good one. The moral is nothing is useless. When I was choosing which tale I should make a comic about, it was not hard as Antlers popped right into my mind. This story is about a moose who had gorgeous antlers but he hated his skinny and twisted legs. He wished he had different legs until one day, which changed his life. The moose was being hunted, the hunter tried to shoot the moose and while the moose was running for his life, his quote on quote beautiful, gorgeous antlers got stuck up in a tree. Just as he thought he was a gonner, his skinny twisted legs were fast enough to get unstuck, and away from the evil hunter. He learned from then on that nothing is useless. And that people is why nothing is useless. I hope you loved this story as much as I did. And I also hope you liked my comic. 🙂


My Remote Week

What I did to help remind me to be responsible was I had alarms for each class. That way, it would always go off when I needed to go to class. I have accomplished being able to learn remotely without any confusion because I have been remote for A LOT of times that I know what to do. By the way, I’m reading Stink the Shrinking Kid Book 3 Shark Sleepover, and also some activities outside of school I have been doing are basketball, biking, and tennis.

I Appreciate My Family

I appreciate my family because they appreciate me, love me, and care for me. They always have my back and they support me. They are the most understanding people too. If I didn’t have my family, I would feel lonely and really sad. I will never take my family for granted or forget about them, because they would never take me for granted. I appreciate my family.


One more thing, this was the only family related photo I could find.

I Am Reading Stink

I’m reading the book called Stink which is about a really short kid. This kid has to deal with annoying sister problems and always gets made fun of for being short. People even say he shrinks! Well, Stink in the book, goes on to study the shortest president ever, James Madison, he gets a pet lizard, and STILL has to deal with annoying sister problems.

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