LA Stock Project!

So, I’m kind of like an investor in stocks! Ok no, but we did (fake) investments in stocks by using Google sheets and the stocks app on our iPads. Here, take a look at mine! (I lost so much money)  We did this because a character in The Westing Game was interested in stocks.


That’s my stock sheet.


Anyway, we even made our own companies! Mine is “Fierce Fire Investments.” I named it that because my name means fire 🙂 and fire looks really cool.

So… maybe your reading this and DON’T know what stocks are. Well, no worries, because I can teach!

When you own stocks to a company, you own a little bit of that company, which means when you own stocks for a company, and their company is making A LOT of money on the day you check the stock market for that company… you make money! But hey, there’s a catch, because not all companies you invest in are going to be like Apple, or Amazon. Because when you buy stocks, they can be more or less expensive, depending on the company, and how it’s doing. So, if you buy a stock from a company that only has stocks for 20 bucks, that company can go downhill. Meaning you lose money because you own a part of the company. See what I’m saying? Investing is almost like a gamble! But you also have to be smart with investments.


You can only buy stocks from 6 companies, only spend $20,000 on stocks, and can only buy 10 stocks per company. So, it wouldn’t be a good idea to just buy a bunch of stocks  and just throw your money away, because in the end, that’s just a lose lose situation. That’s like buying losing money! Be smart with investments!


That’s basically all I have to say about stocks! I honestly kind of enjoyed the project. We would check every week for how our stocks are doing, and it was actually kind of fun. But it’s stressful for real stocks so…


Ok, now for one more topic. So, we read a book in class called “The Westing Game” by Ellen Raskin, and I’m not going to give out spoilers, but all I can say is, one of the characters was interested in stocks! She was pretty young, about 13, but she really like investing! So much so that when she grew up, she was an investor! And, her identity in the book was “financier!”



So yea! That’s stocks in our class! I hope you enjoyed the post, and special thanks to…

Ms Donnelly

Ms Sprague





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