The Lady Or The Tiger? My Ending

And at that moment, it was a bloody nightmare. The tiger clawed up the young handsome lover, clawed him up to pieces. Now, let’s not dive into the details, but it was a mess. That tiger ate well that day. And as for the princess, she had an evil smile. She sacrificed her lover, just so the lady on the other door could be sad about the death, and not get married. She was sad he died. But she had a plan. She fed herself to the tiger too. And right then and there the people were completely shocked. No one ever though that the tiger would have dessert. But that tiger ate her up like a strawberry shortcake. That tiger was stuffed. And the princess was dead.

No one knew what the heck they just saw. They might have even scrubbed their eyes out with toothbrushes but they were so confused and horrified. But they letter find out from the king that this princess sacrificed her lover and husband from the real world, to get married in the afterlife. Apparently, this princess believes in afterlife, and so did the lover. They were both dead. But at that point the lady in the other door had had enough.

That lady swung out of the door, pounced at the tiger, and was gobbled up. Well, not really, but the tiger  it off her arm. (SORRY about the intensity gory tiger scenes. Don’t read if your in like 1st grade please.) But anyway, the tiger was so full, that it didn’t even eat the lady! The lady had one arm, but was still alive. So she was taken to get medical help. Because this story is very old, their wasn’t modern medicine. So they just wrapped her up with some toilet paper and told her to get lost. But little did they know, she wanted that lover so badly that she bolted out of the medical center, and towards a huge hill in the distance. Sure, she was wearing high heels, but when it comes to love, she wasn’t messing around.

She got to the top of the hill, looked down ate the huge pointy rock at the bottom, and she was hesitating. But again, this was the person of her dreams, that young handsome lover of the princess. So yea. Do I really have to say it out for ya? She died. Right then and there. Impaled by and the rock, and dead from the impact. That’s what happened.

LA Stock Project!

So, I’m kind of like an investor in stocks! Ok no, but we did (fake) investments in stocks by using Google sheets and the stocks app on our iPads. Here, take a look at mine! (I lost so much money)  We did this because a character in The Westing Game was interested in stocks.


That’s my stock sheet.


Anyway, we even made our own companies! Mine is “Fierce Fire Investments.” I named it that because my name means fire 🙂 and fire looks really cool.

So… maybe your reading this and DON’T know what stocks are. Well, no worries, because I can teach!

When you own stocks to a company, you own a little bit of that company, which means when you own stocks for a company, and their company is making A LOT of money on the day you check the stock market for that company… you make money! But hey, there’s a catch, because not all companies you invest in are going to be like Apple, or Amazon. Because when you buy stocks, they can be more or less expensive, depending on the company, and how it’s doing. So, if you buy a stock from a company that only has stocks for 20 bucks, that company can go downhill. Meaning you lose money because you own a part of the company. See what I’m saying? Investing is almost like a gamble! But you also have to be smart with investments.


You can only buy stocks from 6 companies, only spend $20,000 on stocks, and can only buy 10 stocks per company. So, it wouldn’t be a good idea to just buy a bunch of stocks  and just throw your money away, because in the end, that’s just a lose lose situation. That’s like buying losing money! Be smart with investments!


That’s basically all I have to say about stocks! I honestly kind of enjoyed the project. We would check every week for how our stocks are doing, and it was actually kind of fun. But it’s stressful for real stocks so…


Ok, now for one more topic. So, we read a book in class called “The Westing Game” by Ellen Raskin, and I’m not going to give out spoilers, but all I can say is, one of the characters was interested in stocks! She was pretty young, about 13, but she really like investing! So much so that when she grew up, she was an investor! And, her identity in the book was “financier!”



So yea! That’s stocks in our class! I hope you enjoyed the post, and special thanks to…

Ms Donnelly

Ms Sprague





My TED Talk

This is my TED talk! (Just the title slide)

 So, there’s a really cool website on the internet that YOU can access right now called Go now! It’s basically a website with a person talking about LITERALLY ANYTHING! It could be persuasive, teaching, you name it! So of course our Language Arts class has us students make are own! And the weird thing is, I ACTUALLY ENJOYED THIS PROJECT. Once in a lifetime occurrence, because I usually hate projects. So, I made my TED talk to persuade people to play basketball because I love the game of basketball, I really liked making the project…

but then there’s the nerve racking part of presenting to the class. I though I presented pretty good though. Maybe a stutter here and there but hey! I did I it! I enjoyed it and I hope people will want to play basketball because of my presentation.

Okay so now, I’ll share some of my talk here!


So I had 5 sections. Exercise, teamwork, friends, it’s a job, and it’s really fun.


I basically explained how basketball is great exercise, teaches teamwork, makes you friends, that it’s a job, and that it’s really fun when you get good!

For exercise, I explained how when you work hard in basketball, and really challenge yourself to get better by intensely practicing, you’ll get great exercise!

For teamwork, I said that playing on a team that you can count on builds teamwork, which is a great skill to have in life.

For friends, I said that you can make friends when you practice and play either your teammates every day. And, if you have a friend that’s good at basketball, they’ll be great for motivating you!

For, it’s a job, the NBA is a thing! It’s a high paying job that all you have to do is play basketball!


And finally for fun… BASKETBALL IS SO MUCH FUN! Just get good at it, by practicing, and you’ll be having so much fun!


My Tree Book! 🌲 + 📖

I have finished my tree book! So, “tree book” is a book all sixth graders made with an artist named Peg Gignoux. Here’s what mine looks like…

As you can see here there is a big book with a tree like cover that has the image of a first graders drawing on the cover. A rain cloud, a tree, a big dandelion, a nice blue sky, and a lush green ground. Nothing special, but it looks really cool on a book.

Now it’s time to put in this blog post, the whole process of making this tree book.

It starts off with me just walking into Language Arts class one day with a white shirt and gloves in my desk. I was just like “uh, what the heck is this?”

So when I found out we were doing a big art project in LA, I was just a bit confused. So we walked down to the art room and I see Peg Gignoux. SHE’S SO NICE. She helped all of us out and we couldn’t have done it without her. Round of applause. 👏  Thanks Peg 🙂

Okay so anyway, when I got down to the art room, we got to work. And we started off with screen printing.

Screen printing is when you have paint on a medium sized brush, and you just paint a giant piece white paper until it’s fully covered. Pretty simple, and it plays the role of the background of my tree book.

So next up we have…

Paper folding! Nothing special, we just folded the piece of paper into like a book form.

Next we have akua ink. Now this is going to get interesting. Each of us in the class before we went to the art room, grabbed a weed or something out of the field next to the building leading to the room. I got like some weird yellow puffy thing or whatever and when I did the akua print, it looked really cool! So when we had the weed or whatever, we went to the art room and we basically had like a gelatin pad and had a roller and a piece of paper. So we rolled the pad with paint, put the weed on the paper, and inked the paper and then we had this really cool print of are plant thing.

Once we had some really good prints, we started to make a scenery of like a field of lush green grass, the sun out and bright, a nice bright blue sky, a rain cloud, and a tree (my akua ink print.) Well, actually, this scene was what was on my tree. But whatever.

Okay so now we had these envelopes glued to the inside of the book, which had a life list. A life list is like a bucket list, all the things you want to achieve before you… pass.

Then I had a “my roots” document in another envelope. This “my roots” doc had a special message to someone important in my life. In my case, I wrote about my wonderful parents. Final envelope was just a picture of me 🙂

So this book was turning out heat but one more thing to add was my “when this is over” poem on my tree in my tree book scene. The doc was basically a poem about what we will do when the pandemic crisis ends, and what we’ve taken for granted before the crisis.

And finally, on my rain cloud was a bunch of wishes I had. I’m not going to say them here. Because there on the photo so like…go look at them yourself or something.

Well, that’s my tree book! It’s a great fun, interesting project and I really liked my book and I hope you do too!

Thanks for reading. Couldn’t have done it without…

Ms Donnelly (Patti Donnelly) My Language Arts teacher

Peg Ginoux (Artist and helper of my tree book)

Classmates for giving me ideas









My Blog Post About Frances Dowell and My Story

So, what I learned from Frances Dowell, author of some books, is that I needed to add stick and stone problems before the monster problem.

What I mean by this is stick and stone problems are like little problems that occur before the BIG problem in the story. You know, to keep the story interesting.

Oh, and I also got a little help from one of my friends in my Language Arts class. He gave me some spelling edits and grammar edits but he told me that my story needed more of a flow instead of just a bunch of problems and solutions. And that was some really good advice.

Frances Dowell also gave me feedback on one of my story parts. She said that that part of the story really made the character seem confused on what was going on and she said how I read the part to her really made it seem realistic.

If I could tell Frances Dowell something before she reads the story, I would tell her that you have to UNDERSTAND the story to actually LIKE it. Because, well, it’s going to make no sense if you don’t understand the story, and then it will be like reading a bunch of boring words on paper. So to demonstrate what I mean, I’ll add a part from my story to this blog…

So I covered that up but let’s turn back to the story. I suddenly woke up in a pretty nice room. Well, it was all white. And bright. Then this person with sandals and white hair wearing a weird caveman strap approached me. He said that he was god and said that someone accidentally dropped a bowling ball on my head or something. So I’m basically dead. Was I in heaven? He said that he did this on purpose due to my wish of never being born. He said that I could take a little journey in the past to see what would happen if I was never born.

That’s the part a shared with Frances. She liked the part and stuff but the thing is, I think she would understand it a lot more if she read the beginning too. Not like she didn’t understand anything I was saying, it’s just that that was a paragraph in the middle of the book. We will share the whole story with her soon.






I feel like I’m really proud of my story and I couldn’t have done it without…

Ms Donnelly!
Frances Dowell!

and my classmate who helped me edit.







Window or Mirror

Window or mirror? What do you mean? Well, window or mirror is a metaphor for is your book relatable or not. Here’s my example of if the book I’m reading, Stink book 5, is a window or mirror.

Stink book 5 is a mirror for me because this is a kid who goes to school, (who I relate to because I go to school) and he has kind of an enemy at school or someone he does not like. That’s not exactly me but I do have people I don’t like at school. This kid also is really short and well, I think you know what I’m going to say next but here, I’ll just spit it out…         I’M SHORT TOO.

Finally, this kid has a cat and a sibling. He has a sister but I have a brother. So not exactly relatable but still. I also have a cat just like him.

To wrap this up, my book is a mirror for me. Hope you enjoyed!

My January Habit

My habit was very helpful! My habit for the month of January was to be able to run under a 7 minute mile. This goal was not completed but I definitely got faster. This month I’m going to change it up and switch over to pull ups but the running goal can still be done in other months too.

I saw from my January goal that I could get way faster and improve my mile time in just a week if I practice and motivate myself to get faster. My lowest time for the mile now is 7 minutes 49 seconds. Which I think is kind of slow but will do I guess. But what  matters is that I was progressing because when I started this goal my time was 8 minutes 30 seconds. I improved a whole minute! Basically.

The hardest part about my goal though was that I can run the first lap really fast but then my stamina basically runs out and then I get tired and run way slower. So, the improvement I need is to pace myself and not ring out all my energy in one lap. If I do that, I will probably soon achieve my goal!

What punctuation am I?

I am the ! As I am always loud and always standing out like an exclamation point. I usually am the loudest in the house, I’m super excited about everything, and I’m always standing out in the group I’m in whether it’s a school assigned group, friend group, and much more. Things I get excited about usually include basketball and  hanging out with my friends. And I get excited. I mean really excited. REALLY EXCITED. Oops, I meant to put a exclamation mark but I guess the exclamation point and me are just too similar. Too similar that  I put my own name where a exclamation point should go. Anyway, the way I stand out isn’t just being super mega sonically loud but also just laughing at everything and really just getting motivated to do something or getting others motivated for something they used to not be motivated for. 


Daily Habit

So, I would say I’m pretty fast. BUT NOT FAST ENOUGH FOR MY OWN SATISFACTION!!! You see, I want to be able to run a mile in under 7 minutes. To do this is quite simple. I live in a cul-de-sac which is about an 8 of a mile long. So I run that eight times to have run a full mile. Every day I try to increase my stamina and speed so that I can get to where I want to be. My last timed run for a mile was 8 minutes 3 seconds. ONLY ONE MINUTE TO GO AND I’LL BE GOOD TO GO!!!

And… let’s talk about my planking. So, at the start of our planking I was basically only able to get up to like a two minutes. And when Ms. Donnelly said to practice on the days we didn’t go to school, well, I didn’t. Until I realized I was making no progress with my planking. That’s when I decided to get planking every single day. And so slowly I kept getting higher times until I reached the peak of my time, which was 3 minutes. I can barely move after 3 minutes and I’m shaking a lot,  but that’s how my planking is going for ya. Hope you enjoyed!





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