Among Us


YOU NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME!!! The picture above this writing is a picture of a fire alarm that looks like a character from THE FANTASTIC AMONG US VIDEO GAME! This is a multiplayer game that YOU can play with just the the click of the install button on your mobile device. This game can also be played on a PC but NOT on a console like a Xbox or PS4. This game is a murder mystery game with astronauts trying to find out who the one imposter is The imposter has to kill all the innocents or get everyone to think its not them so they don’t get ejected by the innocents. The innocents have the name Crewmate and the crewmate’s job is to finish all their tasks before the imposter kills them. They can also report a body or call an emergency meeting. Then they discuss who they think the imposter is and the imposter has to lie to the crewmates saying they are not the imposter but if they think it is that person they can vote him out. I won’t explain everything such as the vent or sabotage feature that the imposter has. But I guess you’ll have to FIND OUT YOURSELF BY PLAYING THIS AWESOME AND REALLY POPULAR GAME!!!!!!


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