My TED Talk

This is my TED talk! (Just the title slide)

 So, there’s a really cool website on the internet that YOU can access right now called Go now! It’s basically a website with a person talking about LITERALLY ANYTHING! It could be persuasive, teaching, you name it! So of course our Language Arts class has us students make are own! And the weird thing is, I ACTUALLY ENJOYED THIS PROJECT. Once in a lifetime occurrence, because I usually hate projects. So, I made my TED talk to persuade people to play basketball because I love the game of basketball, I really liked making the project…

but then there’s the nerve racking part of presenting to the class. I though I presented pretty good though. Maybe a stutter here and there but hey! I did I it! I enjoyed it and I hope people will want to play basketball because of my presentation.

Okay so now, I’ll share some of my talk here!


So I had 5 sections. Exercise, teamwork, friends, it’s a job, and it’s really fun.


I basically explained how basketball is great exercise, teaches teamwork, makes you friends, that it’s a job, and that it’s really fun when you get good!

For exercise, I explained how when you work hard in basketball, and really challenge yourself to get better by intensely practicing, you’ll get great exercise!

For teamwork, I said that playing on a team that you can count on builds teamwork, which is a great skill to have in life.

For friends, I said that you can make friends when you practice and play either your teammates every day. And, if you have a friend that’s good at basketball, they’ll be great for motivating you!

For, it’s a job, the NBA is a thing! It’s a high paying job that all you have to do is play basketball!


And finally for fun… BASKETBALL IS SO MUCH FUN! Just get good at it, by practicing, and you’ll be having so much fun!


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