Window or Mirror

Window or mirror? What do you mean? Well, window or mirror is a metaphor for is your book relatable or not. Here’s my example of if the book I’m reading, Stink book 5, is a window or mirror.

Stink book 5 is a mirror for me because this is a kid who goes to school, (who I relate to because I go to school) and he has kind of an enemy at school or someone he does not like. That’s not exactly me but I do have people I don’t like at school. This kid also is really short and well, I think you know what I’m going to say next but here, I’ll just spit it out…         I’M SHORT TOO.

Finally, this kid has a cat and a sibling. He has a sister but I have a brother. So not exactly relatable but still. I also have a cat just like him.

To wrap this up, my book is a mirror for me. Hope you enjoyed!

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