What Interests Me



What interests me the most is basketball. Basketball is my favorite thing to do and it’s so much fun. It interests me the most because it involves exercise, teamwork, and even friends. I think you should like basketball too. Also, I’m interested into WATCHING basketball. It’s really fun to watch pro basketball players play hard for a win.

My Language Arts Comic – Antlers

This is my comic on the Greek wisdom tale; Antlers. I loved this story and the moral was a really good one. The moral is nothing is useless. When I was choosing which tale I should make a comic about, it was not hard as Antlers popped right into my mind. This story is about a moose who had gorgeous antlers but he hated his skinny and twisted legs. He wished he had different legs until one day, which changed his life. The moose was being hunted, the hunter tried to shoot the moose and while the moose was running for his life, his quote on quote beautiful, gorgeous antlers got stuck up in a tree. Just as he thought he was a gonner, his skinny twisted legs were fast enough to get unstuck, and away from the evil hunter. He learned from then on that nothing is useless. And that people is why nothing is useless. I hope you loved this story as much as I did. And I also hope you liked my comic. 🙂


My Remote Week

What I did to help remind me to be responsible was I had alarms for each class. That way, it would always go off when I needed to go to class. I have accomplished being able to learn remotely without any confusion because I have been remote for A LOT of times that I know what to do. By the way, I’m reading Stink the Shrinking Kid Book 3 Shark Sleepover, and also some activities outside of school I have been doing are basketball, biking, and tennis.

I Appreciate My Family

I appreciate my family because they appreciate me, love me, and care for me. They always have my back and they support me. They are the most understanding people too. If I didn’t have my family, I would feel lonely and really sad. I will never take my family for granted or forget about them, because they would never take me for granted. I appreciate my family.


One more thing, this was the only family related photo I could find.

I Am Reading Stink

I’m reading the book called Stink which is about a really short kid. This kid has to deal with annoying sister problems and always gets made fun of for being short. People even say he shrinks! Well, Stink in the book, goes on to study the shortest president ever, James Madison, he gets a pet lizard, and STILL has to deal with annoying sister problems.


These are some things I notice EVERY SINGLE DAY. I walk into the kitchen… face. I walk into the living room… face. EVERYWHERE HAS A FACE. I think this is kind of common to notice faces. I heard in a video about this and I actually used to think I was the only one who actually noticed faces EVERYWHERE I LOOK, well not everywhere. Do You have the same noticing?

Among Us


YOU NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME!!! The picture above this writing is a picture of a fire alarm that looks like a character from THE FANTASTIC AMONG US VIDEO GAME! This is a multiplayer game that YOU can play with just the the click of the install button on your mobile device. This game can also be played on a PC but NOT on a console like a Xbox or PS4. This game is a murder mystery game with astronauts trying to find out who the one imposter is The imposter has to kill all the innocents or get everyone to think its not them so they don’t get ejected by the innocents. The innocents have the name Crewmate and the crewmate’s job is to finish all their tasks before the imposter kills them. They can also report a body or call an emergency meeting. Then they discuss who they think the imposter is and the imposter has to lie to the crewmates saying they are not the imposter but if they think it is that person they can vote him out. I won’t explain everything such as the vent or sabotage feature that the imposter has. But I guess you’ll have to FIND OUT YOURSELF BY PLAYING THIS AWESOME AND REALLY POPULAR GAME!!!!!!


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