My Tree Book! 🌲 + 📖

I have finished my tree book! So, “tree book” is a book all sixth graders made with an artist named Peg Gignoux. Here’s what mine looks like…

As you can see here there is a big book with a tree like cover that has the image of a first graders drawing on the cover. A rain cloud, a tree, a big dandelion, a nice blue sky, and a lush green ground. Nothing special, but it looks really cool on a book.

Now it’s time to put in this blog post, the whole process of making this tree book.

It starts off with me just walking into Language Arts class one day with a white shirt and gloves in my desk. I was just like “uh, what the heck is this?”

So when I found out we were doing a big art project in LA, I was just a bit confused. So we walked down to the art room and I see Peg Gignoux. SHE’S SO NICE. She helped all of us out and we couldn’t have done it without her. Round of applause. 👏  Thanks Peg 🙂

Okay so anyway, when I got down to the art room, we got to work. And we started off with screen printing.

Screen printing is when you have paint on a medium sized brush, and you just paint a giant piece white paper until it’s fully covered. Pretty simple, and it plays the role of the background of my tree book.

So next up we have…

Paper folding! Nothing special, we just folded the piece of paper into like a book form.

Next we have akua ink. Now this is going to get interesting. Each of us in the class before we went to the art room, grabbed a weed or something out of the field next to the building leading to the room. I got like some weird yellow puffy thing or whatever and when I did the akua print, it looked really cool! So when we had the weed or whatever, we went to the art room and we basically had like a gelatin pad and had a roller and a piece of paper. So we rolled the pad with paint, put the weed on the paper, and inked the paper and then we had this really cool print of are plant thing.

Once we had some really good prints, we started to make a scenery of like a field of lush green grass, the sun out and bright, a nice bright blue sky, a rain cloud, and a tree (my akua ink print.) Well, actually, this scene was what was on my tree. But whatever.

Okay so now we had these envelopes glued to the inside of the book, which had a life list. A life list is like a bucket list, all the things you want to achieve before you… pass.

Then I had a “my roots” document in another envelope. This “my roots” doc had a special message to someone important in my life. In my case, I wrote about my wonderful parents. Final envelope was just a picture of me 🙂

So this book was turning out heat but one more thing to add was my “when this is over” poem on my tree in my tree book scene. The doc was basically a poem about what we will do when the pandemic crisis ends, and what we’ve taken for granted before the crisis.

And finally, on my rain cloud was a bunch of wishes I had. I’m not going to say them here. Because there on the photo so like…go look at them yourself or something.

Well, that’s my tree book! It’s a great fun, interesting project and I really liked my book and I hope you do too!

Thanks for reading. Couldn’t have done it without…

Ms Donnelly (Patti Donnelly) My Language Arts teacher

Peg Ginoux (Artist and helper of my tree book)

Classmates for giving me ideas









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