My January Habit

My habit was very helpful! My habit for the month of January was to be able to run under a 7 minute mile. This goal was not completed but I definitely got faster. This month I’m going to change it up and switch over to pull ups but the running goal can still be done in other months too.

I saw from my January goal that I could get way faster and improve my mile time in just a week if I practice and motivate myself to get faster. My lowest time for the mile now is 7 minutes 49 seconds. Which I think is kind of slow but will do I guess. But what  matters is that I was progressing because when I started this goal my time was 8 minutes 30 seconds. I improved a whole minute! Basically.

The hardest part about my goal though was that I can run the first lap really fast but then my stamina basically runs out and then I get tired and run way slower. So, the improvement I need is to pace myself and not ring out all my energy in one lap. If I do that, I will probably soon achieve my goal!

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